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Artist | Digital Art
United States
So....things have settled out a bit and, while not making as many images as before, I am plugging along. I had a bit of a block for a while but I seem to be past that to a degree. I am still searching for a style or something that will light a bigger flame. Any help with that will be appreciated.

My apologies for not having been here much recently. I will try to be back here more often.

So, what's a risky liaison?

Well, there are certain sectors of the population that seek out, (somewhat impulsively IMHO), relationships with other like minded folk that could be considered to be somewhat dangerous. This works out for the most part, (I assume given the proliferation of alternative dating websites), but you just KNOW that there will be times when, well, things just don't work out as planned. Whether it's a hot babe who's looking to supplement her income with some fetish work, or another hot babe looking for love in all the right, (wrong!!?), places, invariably there will be some unplanned, and perhaps unwanted, deviations from the original plan.

This is where Riskyliaisons picks up the tale. Although our stories may vary from that exact theme, you can, by and large, expect our damsels to be willing participants in their own predicaments. Our protagonists aim to please and generally do, much to the perhaps belated pleasure of their quarry. There will though, always be that nagging uncertainty that our lovely young Miss may have bitten off more than she can chew and finds herself the bound and gagged captive of some creepy insensitive wack job who has seen fit to capitalize on the opportunity to take advantage of our naive lass, (or lasses if there happen to be more than one.

So there you have it. I hope that you enjoy the images and look forward to bringing more to the mix.

Please read the following as I consider it to be important.

***No one depicted here will be depicted as, or should be
considered to be depicted as, under the age of twenty-one years. If they are dressed in schoolgirl outfits, it will be in the context of what is thought of as a sexy costume on an adult and nothing more. If there is a pose that is evocative of a younger person, it should be considered as age play among adults.

This is not the place for underaged boys and girls. If you are considered to be underaged in whatever locale you are from, whether that be a country, state, province, or any other territorial entity that establishes such limits, and if any of the above bans such material, then you have no business being here.

If the above applies to you, please don't be offended, just go away.

If, by some chance, someone who is a real person looks like a character depicted here, make no mistake that it is pure coincidence and that no one here is derived from anyone else, real or imagined, nor should any character be presumed to be a depiction of anyone real or imagined. HEY! That almost sounds like a lawyer put it together! And no, I'm not a lawyer.***

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Management

Credit where credit is due department:

All images were created with DAZ Studio which is available at The software is free for the basic level and should come with some props and characters. Go git it...

Also, the props and such, (clothes, hair, rope, straps, gags, etc), were created by various producers, not the least of which is Davo over at renderotica, (dot com of course), who makes some great bondage gear.

The moral of the story is that anyone can do this stuff. I didn't do it from "scratch".

Photoshop (5) was used in post production.
I am officially at fetlife(.com). 

I have been uncomfortable for some time with the ability of underaged people having access to mature rated images here at DA. It doesn't take more than a false admission when signing up to qualify as an adult. While this isn't provable by just looking, I've got someone at fetlife who is there now because she is now eighteen. She has been watching me here for a couple of years now and it's obvious she was underaged. I disagree with this lack of attention vehemently. It's going to be a very short time before I pull the plug here. I should be using models soon and will have more than 3D content soon, but not here.

Sorry to disappoint the followers who are honest about their age, but I find it untenable, so head over to FLife and watch me there if you care to. It's free to sign up.




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Hey thanks for the watch!
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Finally got back here, and it looks like there won't be a gallery around to visit soon. I, for one, would be very disappointed. As I've conveyed to you in the past, I'm always so impressed with your work, as artistic images especially, and it would be a shame to see you abandon a domain that you seem to have exceedingly high talent in. Still, of course it's your choice entirely, and I can understand that life changes do provide impetus for refocusing and moving into other stages. If that's so, for you, then I say more power to you and wish you well.

But I'll still miss seeing new work from you....
MaySheBeGagged Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
thank you for the watch! :)
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